CutScene Brief Overview: 

CutScene is the only sleep-aid company designed for gamers. CutScene’s flagship product is a drink mix sleep-aid set to juxtapose itself with gaming energy supplements (GFUEL, GHOST, GAMERSUPPS, ECT). CutScene focuses on understanding the mechanics of sleep and why gamers have trouble sleeping to inform their choices in the nootropics chosen to get blended into their sleep powder. This allows for a much more precise picking process which means fewer supplements and more efficiency "we do with three ingredients what other companies are trying to do with 15".

CutScene is made in an FDA-approved NSF GMP-certified facility based in the USA.

CutScene is sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan, non-habit-forming, and natural.

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During the pandemic co-founder and CEO, Shmuel Mischel got heavily involved with twitch and live streaming. At this time many gamers around the world began to migrate towards live streaming which was an outlet to play games and have social interactions. As he started to get integrated with more and more live-streaming communities, Shmuel, a hardcore gamer himself, realized that thousands of gamers like himself were facing issues that he had once thought were unique to him.


Shmuel was working at a hospital during covid and spent the next few years perfecting, pitching, and now finally selling the only sleep aid for gamers.

Key Points/Lines for CutScene:

  • CutScene is the first sleep aid designed for gamers by gamers.

  • CutScene is sugar-free, gluten-free, natural, vegan, non-habit forming, and made in the USA

  • CutScene uses some of the best and highest quality sleep nootropics on the planet to achieve with just three ingredients what other companies try to do with 15

  • CutScene is the perfect way to end your night.

  • Take cutscene during the last game of the night - ideally an hour before bed - and sleep GG EZ

  • CutScene tastes like Lemonade/Arnold palmer (lemonade +ice tea)

  • In a world full of predatory sleep-aid companies CutScene focuses on transparency and integrity.

  • CutScene understands gamers are dealing with late night stress, adrenaline, emotions, and melatonin suppression and have built out our product for specifically for that

For Advertisers & Partners

The two things we most want are product reviews and, more importantly, talking about the problems you’ve faced due to gaming insomnia/sleep deprivation and how cutscene has helped you.

Pain Points to discuss: (in relation to sleep deprivation and insomnia) 

Choose what's most relatable

1. Improved workflow/studying

2. Feel great the next day

3. Clear-minded and happy

4. Consistently improved gameplay

5. More wins

6. No grogginess from the product

7. Feel healthier

8. Sleep quality feels better

Video Guidelines

Try to use relatable and descriptive moments that you want your audience to picture for themselves in the future (these are just examples and you should always make them relatable to your experience)


“It’s perfect for the last game of the night, I mix it in my shaker, drink it while playing the last game, and about 30 minutes to an hour after my game I feel so relaxed and just drift off”

“I’m gonna be honest, I was skeptical about this product, sleep aids never work for me. But this actually works.” 

“It’s such a great addition to my nightly routine, I never have to stress about whether I’m gonna fall asleep. I take cutscene during my last game and it helps so much. I love how relaxed it makes me feel” 

“As a competitive player, I was worried that it would leave me groggy the next morning when I often have to compete. Happy to report not only was I not groggy but I felt super consistent and clear-headed all day” 

“I feel so much happier these days, Just getting a consistent 7-8 hours a night has changed my mood completely, and as a creator that means everything” 

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Streaming Guidelines

Mostly the same as video in concept, just try to discuss it organically.

Night Streamers:

Mixing product up live on stream and drinking it near the end of stream  (either last game of the night or just chatting) is ideal


Day/Noon Streamers:

Show product on stream, talk about how you feel the day after taking it. Discuss pain points and benefits

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(these are examples. Everything posted should be honest and relatable to you)

  • Ideally, 1-3 posts a week on each platform

  • Instagram posts should always have a picture of the product

  • Twitter posts do not need a picture every time but we do recommend/request there be a picture at least once a week (the more the better)

Posts should range from talking about the product.


“I love how cutscene is actually made for gamers, the first sleep aid that has ever worked for me. AND I FEEL GREAT IN THE MORNING 😯” 

“I  cant express how much this product has helped me. I used to freak out about sleep, scared I wasn't gonna get enough after long game nights. Now it's as easy as a cup of cutscene during my last game of the night. THANK YOU FOR THIS PRODUCT!” 

“The fact that CutScene actually goes in depth as to why they use the active ingredients they do and explain how it all works makes me so much more comfortable with them than other companies. They seriously know their shiit..oh and it works!” 

To Simple picture with product and tagline.


1. Picture of shaker bottle and cutscene in front of a Warzone victory

“Ending off on a dub 😀, taking my cutscene y’all goodnight”

2. Selfie of you with cutscene

“The perfect taste for the last game of the night, see you in the AM”

3. Cutscene on the window sill

“Guys, we have enough energy drinks for a lifetime, finally there’s something to put in our shakers that helps us when we need to get to sleep after hours of gaming! Use code ___ for 10% off”

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