Are you tired of staying up all night trying to beat that one level over in your favorite video game? Are you tired of losing sleep over trying to achievement hunt games to 100%? Well, have no fear, because we have compiled a list of games so boring you will be snoring in no time!


"Farmville" (2009) - This Facebook game was all the rage in the late 2000s, but let's be real, there's nothing exciting about virtual farming. The repetitive gameplay and lack of any real challenge makes counting sheep feel like an exciting new DOOM game. Farmville will have you asleep faster then you can say old mcdon-zzzz.


"Tail of the Sun” (1997) - Imagine a game where you can travel the world, seeing the sights. From snow crested mountain tops to sun beaten desserts. You’ll try and survive this world by eating and sleeping…and that's it. Oh and everything looks the same. It's boring as anything and will have you dreaming of Minecraft in the first 20 minutes of gameplay.

"Madden NFL 06" (2005) - As if Madden needs any more smoke, we remember “Madden 06” While some football fans may enjoy the game, the slow-paced gameplay and lack of any real excitement will have all but the most hardcore fans sleeping so fast you would’ve thought they were watching paint dry.

"Solitaire" (1990) - Okay tecccchnically this is a card game but, it has been included in every version of Windows since 1990. And hey, it's got about all the pizazz and excitement of a blade of grass. The slow-paced gameplay and lack of any real competition will have you dreaming of hearts and spades in minutes.

"Waiting in line 3D" (2013) - I's in the name. If you thought waiting in line wasn’t boring enough IRL. Try doing it in the world of virtual reality. This one is mind numbingly boring, although to be fair, that is clearly what the developers were hoping to achieve. Warning: do not try to operate machinery or moving vehicles after playing this game. It's that boring.

"Pong" (1972) - You may hate me for this one, but I call em as I see em. This classic arcade game may have been revolutionary in its time, but the simple gameplay and lack of any real challenge will have your eyes glazed over in minutes. It may be fun for novelty sake but keep on playing and you’ll be snoring up a storm.

"Desert Bus" (1995) - This one is actually hilarious. In the 90’s Penn & Teller, ,the Las Vegas magicians, decided to make a video game that was unbelievably boring to see if people would play it. You drive a Bus for 8 hours from Las Vegas, Nevada to Phoenix, Arizona and back. That’s it. There’s no pause button and no NPC’s. Your reward if you complete the 8 hour drive each way? Two points, one per city. Your other reward is that you probably fell asleep long before you earned those sweet pointless points

"Sneak N Peek" (1982) - This one just sucks. Hide & Seek and home can be fun, for an hour or so. That same format did not, I repeat DID NOT, translate well to the Atari 2600. The game was one player would hide their character behind some furniture while the other player hid their eyes. Then they would take over and attempt to find the other player. You know: like hide and seek, only fifty times more tedious and futile. If you play this with a friend expect him not to find you, because he’ll already be asleep. 

So, there you have it, the next time you're struggling to fall asleep, just turn on one of these boring video games and you'll be snoring in no time! Just kidding,(kind of) these games may not be as exciting as some but still, they have a certain charm, and some are still quite popular So, if you ever decide to play them, just remember to play them with a grain of salt.

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