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🍬 100% Sugar-Free 🍞 100% Gluten-Free 🇺🇸 100% Made in the USA

Meet CutScene, the new tasty AF, drinkable sleep aid crafted for anyone whose night just got busier. Whether you're coding, crafting, creating, or just chilling after a long day, CutScene is your ticket to dreamland.

Ideal for night owls across all walks of life—from busy parents to hardworking creatives—Our unique formula that makes winding down a breeze. Just mix 1 or 2 scoops with water as you finish your day's final tasks, and let CutScene guide you to sleep within 90 minutes, guaranteed, or your money back! With a "10/10" taste, it’s not just effective; it’s a nightly treat.

Say goodbye to tossing and turning and hello to a restful night with ease.

Don’t Leave Great Sleep Up To Chance!

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Customer Reviews

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Life changer for bad sleep habits!

I have had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep my entire life and this helped within just a few days. I will definitely be purchasing again!

Jadi Daniel
By far, the BEST Sleep Aid I've ever gotten.

The title isn't fluffing or rigged, this is my exact take on this product.

I went to order this because a friend recommended this to me. At first I didn't feel ready, but then I had to think because my sleep was HORRID. 4a, almost 5 in the morning, ON AVERAGE, was my current situation before getting this. If that wasn't my breaking point, the town I live in was def what pushed me over with their noisy BS happen just about every gosh dang night. I had enough of it and placed the order. I needed help desperately, and this offered a way out.

Once I got the package, I thought it was really nice seeing the welcome/thank you note left behind. A neat little touch to the whole thing. I checked the date and the expiration was the current month (5/24). 💧 I was very hesitant about it and was about to contact if there was something fresher, but then the fact this was a dry ingredient product, I decided to just roll with it, so I'm not docking any points for it.

My first night had me excited, but also anxious, but after drinking the first batch, It was HIIIIIITING. I think about 5 minutes in, I felt it going to work. My body felt like the tension dissolved, felt loose and floaty. Then after feeling floaty and drifting around, melatonin came in with the final blow.

Let me tell you something. I was dumbfounded when it put me out. I couldn't even bother to keep messaging my friends, what was 12a felt like 4, and my body just felt rocked by an angry boxer who dealt me a personal right hook to the temple. I could move, but my body didn't want to.

I accidently that night woke up around 4a to toss and turn, plus hearing my mom getting ready to leave for work. That... didn't bother me. Even crazier, I felt rested even after 4 hours of sleep. (💢 HEY! Get the proper amount of sleep you NEED! Just because I said this, it DOES NOT mean go on an Elden Ring grind until sunrise, hoping this will kick in. I'll explain why in a sec.) Went back to sleep after, but fam... This was 1 scoop... A single scoop that put me on my ass.

Now the only thing I will caution because of these past few nights, SOME EFFORT IS CALLED FOR USER. This isn't some miracle dust, you have to do your part and shut down. Even said it in the instructions, take it 1 hour prior to going to bed, helps more if you get settled into bed within an hour to help it. That also means (and I say this with guilt because I'm one of them) put down the phone. If you have to use your phone to sleep, 💧I do not blame you, I'm just as guilty. HOWEVER! Turn on the blue light filter and crank that shit up high. My phone often at a certain point just gives me what I call "Dog vision", which is no color and no blue light. When the lights are off and I'm tuckered in, my brightness is all the way down and my "Extra Dim" Setting is turned on. This helps me drift off without the drawback of my phone itself keeping me up. One last note to doing your part: Don't do anything that ACTIVELY calls for your attention. I've had a couple of nights where I did just that, being on a discord call and messaging a friend. (Even then, the sleep aid slammed me and put me out.) Make sure when you do go to rest, only engage in low intensity stuff, anything to wind down. Read a book, laugh at some memes on your phone, read a funny story on your phone, whatever it is, just make sure your attention is passive.

All of that said, that title isn't just some crazy upsell. I truly mean it when I say this stuff works, and it hits you like it was personal. I strongly recommend this if you are a troubled sleeper, this beats pretty much everything else I've had out on the store's shelves.


Does exactly what it says. Great lemonade flavor, and puts me out, while just melatonin doesn't.

David Hubbard

Struggling with sleep throughout my entire life. Tried damn near everything short of prescription RX. This stuff knocks me out within 45 minutes even if I'm playing video games up till 5 minutes before bed.

When I see an ad for a product on Facebook, I typically think gimmicky garbage and am reluctant to even give it a shot. Based on all the positive reviews for this product, I thought heck why not? I'm so glad I did take a chance on it. The product itself when you put into a bottle, it looks brown and nasty and looks like it'll taste gross, but it doesn't. It's almost tasteless.

I don't think I've ever done a subscription for a product before but this might be the first time I've done it, Cutscene Sleep is awesome. A+ product.

I Get to Sleep When I Want Now

ADHD has really prevented me from sleep well or when I want, but with CutScene I finally get really good sleep. CutScene is a must have for me now.