Cutscene Original Flavor

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🍬 100% Sugar-Free 🍞 100% Gluten-Free 🇺🇸 100% Made in America

This new tasty AF, drinkable sleep-aid formulation is carefully crafted for gamers who would rather stay up playing another game of COD, explore more of Hogwarts’ Legacy, or hit the next checkpoint in that obscure Steam game.

It’s the perfect end to a long night of gaming, editing, or content creation. Optimized to get you back to gaming the next day, mix 1 or 2 scoops into water during your last game, edit, or stream of the night and enjoy! CutScene will knock you out within 90 minutes or your money back! Not to mention its "10/10" taste!

Don't leave great sleep up to RNG!

Final Smash that Purchase button.

Customer Reviews

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Does exactly what it says. Great lemonade flavor, and puts me out, while just melatonin doesn't.

David Hubbard

Struggling with sleep throughout my entire life. Tried damn near everything short of prescription RX. This stuff knocks me out within 45 minutes even if I'm playing video games up till 5 minutes before bed.

When I see an ad for a product on Facebook, I typically think gimmicky garbage and am reluctant to even give it a shot. Based on all the positive reviews for this product, I thought heck why not? I'm so glad I did take a chance on it. The product itself when you put into a bottle, it looks brown and nasty and looks like it'll taste gross, but it doesn't. It's almost tasteless.

I don't think I've ever done a subscription for a product before but this might be the first time I've done it, Cutscene Sleep is awesome. A+ product.

I Get to Sleep When I Want Now

ADHD has really prevented me from sleep well or when I want, but with CutScene I finally get really good sleep. CutScene is a must have for me now.


Works,as described

Timothy Powell
Great product

This product works. I would recommend it to anyone