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A little bit about DuskTheViking: DuskTheViking is a dynamic figure in the gaming world, known for his love of asymmetrical horror and survival games. His gaming style is unique, often exploring off-meta and fun builds. Although horror/survival is his bread and butter you can often find Dusk playing games like League of Legends and Company of Heroes. This unconventional approach highlights his creative and strategic thinking. As a father, he brings a personal touch to his gaming with a fondness for bad puns and dad jokes, adding a relatable and humorous dimension to his persona.

Beyond gaming, DuskTheViking is passionate about science, often delving into detailed rants that reflect his curiosity and knowledge. He is also a staunch supporter of civil and equal rights, using his platform to advocate for social change. This blend of gaming expertise, a love for learning, and social consciousness makes DuskTheViking a unique and respected voice in the gaming community.

MAIN GAMES: Texas Chainsaw Massacre
TAKES CUTSCENE: At least 2-3x a week.


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